Global Business Incubation, Inc.

Our Collective Better Future


Welcome to the family of successful businesses where failure is not an option. When adaptation or adjustment in services or product positioning exists, please ask questions, learn, again set the time – we are your business innovative resource, here to help.

GBI Specialized Global Economic Ventures and Strategic Partnerships are designed to better meet and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our global economic community. Come join us in partnership for a global economic and ecological change, it is at a time in our world history that it is needed most.

GBI-Global Business Incubation, Inc., is a State of California, United States of America, 501(c) 3 Non-profit Corporation established in 1991 in partnership with Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business Administration. GBI is a Strategic Thinkubator (Think and do Tank) Organization. The mission of Global Business Incubation, Inc., or GBI is to promote the development and growth of global enterprises through customized innovative financial programs, business incubation, global banking solutions and other cooperative strategies.

GBI serves as a facilitator of diverse projects, businesses and individuals. These include managing assets, while providing financial services, global strategic banking, teaching factories, business incubation, neighborhood cooperatives, job training programs, youth training and entrepreneurial programs. Collectively, these provide a synergistic approach to reviving the urban small business community, managing resources, capital availability, investment and interaction within broader or global economic and ecological community. For over twenty years, GBI founders have researched the most successful models of institution building, infrastructures, business incubators, cooperatives, teaching and testing factories and research consortia that create wealth. GBI founders also published target market magazines, wrote articles and authored an information manual and workbook on how to develop a successful community business incubator entitled “Business Incubators…A Tool for Economic Development.”

GBI has and continues to play a vital role in providing economic solutions, financial strategies for investors, workshops and training programs on new trends and technology innovation as well as business incubator models helping urban businesses compete in the global market place. GBI participated in a collaborative of over 200 major corporations, including Ford and General Motors that exemplified the concept of “cooperating to compete.” GBI also served as state advocate for this collaborative and lead a group of Los Angeles manufacturing and community organizations, corporations, politicians, colleges, universities and others to undertake a comprehensive program to deploy an Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology Center. This organization has created revenues of over 1.9 billion for its members over the past ten years. We now under the guidance of our Chief Financial Officer created and deployed a unique wealth building tool through our “GBI Corporate-Paymaster Program,” focused on specialized financial and global corporate solutions for even bigger gains to stimulate economic recovery, direct investment necessary for the creation of jobs that can compete within the international marketplace.