Global Business Incubation, Inc.

Our Collective Better Future


GBI provides start-up companies with the necessary support services and funding to launch, sustain, and grow.

The mission of Global Business Incubation, Inc., or GBI is to promote the development and growth of global enterprises through customized innovative financial programs, business incubation, global banking solutions and other cooperative strategies.

Company Overview
GBI serves as a facilitator of diverse projects, businesses and individuals. These include managing assets, while providing financial services, global strategic banking, teaching factories, business incubation, neighborhood cooperatives, job training programs, youth training and entrepreneurial programs. Collectively, these provide a synergistic approach to reviving the urban small business community.

GBI has and continues to play a vital role in providing economic solutions, financial strategies for investors, workshops and training programs on new trends and technology innovation as well as business incubator models helping urban businesses compete in the global market place. GBI participated in a collaborative of over 200 major corporations, including Ford and General Motors that exemplified.

General Information
In 1997, GBI partnered with the Los Angeles Community Development Department, Los Angeles Redevelopment Agency, colleges and universities, corporate professionals and others to create a multimedia, entertainment, and technology business incubator. Located at the 165,000SF 548 S. Spring St. Building in the Historic Core of Downtown LA. This project started with a 10% occupancy rate. Within 2 years, GBI’s Incubator was working with 50 new media companies that attracted Millions in ventured capital and occupied 100% of the building. The success of this project served as the catalyst for the ongoing revitalization of the Los Angeles Downtown area including the creation of hundreds of new jobs.

On the basis of this achievement, in July of 2000, GBI Founders received the Official White House Millennium Council Award in recognition of GBI as a model of the White House designed program, “Honor the Past- Imagine the Future.” Also during that year, GBI was chosen to host 200 of the World Press reporters for the Democratic Convention to showcase their Incubator and the companies. Also during that time the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) contracted GBI to research the multimedia industry with the objective of bringing this industry to the Historic Core of downtown Los Angeles. GBI partnered with the Port of Los Angeles to create a series of interactive workshops focused on Small and Mid-sized Companies partnering with and doing Business successfully with China. These workshops brought together the Chinese buyers from China, U.S. Bankers, Export Officials, and other partners crucial for trading successfully with China to over 400 small and mid-sized companies from Southern California.